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Here are some of our testimonials

“It’s a miracle. My son is now pestering me to help him practice his maths!” Mrs Hayley Avery (Beau’s mum)

“The Speed Board has made a real difference to the enthusiasm my child shows to learning those necessary times tables. I have tried playing CD’s in the car and they don’t work. The usual approaches don’t seem to motivate them as it is unfortunately a monotonous process. Going to buy some colourful whiteboard pens and supporting the competitive nature of beating your own score when using the board helped our son to enjoy the work and, as a result, his recall in tables has improved greatly. We’d strongly recommend it.” Mrs Liz Willingham (Jack’s mum)

“This is a brilliant tool. The Speed Board has not only transformed our children’s times tables knowledge but, as a consequence, their maths scores in general. Highly recommended!” Dr Shelley Carter (Jemima, Angus and Cameron’s mum)

“Both of our children have benefitted substantially from using the Speed Boards to improve their times table skills. Their knowledge of the tables is exceptional and their speed of recall pretty much unbeatable. It has also helped with their progression in division and longer multiplication. This has given them a solid foundation and the confidence to tackle more complex mathematics.” Mr Darron Howarth (Lucy and Freddy’s dad)

“Simply brilliant!” Mr Max Storey (Annabelle’s dad)

“The boards were tested in a school case study.  On average, pupils showed a 110% increase in times tables speed and accuracy in only 3 weeks. We are now ordering more!” Deputy Head, Heatherlands Primary School, Poole, Dorset

‘The children are really enthusiastic to use the new maths boards and we’ve seen some incredible improvements in the time taken.” Headteacher – Heatherlands Primary School.

“Excellent way to encourage my reluctant son to do his tables !! It really works well.” Big thanks to Jane Sheron for her feedback

I have purchased a couple of Speedboards from you for a couple of kids I tutor and have had fabulous results and confidence improvement. I also act as a Trustee for a charity which operates a youth group for disadvantaged youths in south London. One of the kids from the youth group is one of the kids I bought a Speedboard for earlier this year and it has helped hugely and moved her out of bottom set.’

Dr Sharmila Hanif…….
“Thank you very much! My daughter liked the board and has been practising since we received it. It’s really worth the money. I will definitely recommend to my friends. My daughter has learnt new factors already such as 11 and 12 times. “

Thanks very much Maria for your feedback yesterday about your son’s progress – big improvement, boosted confidence and a better report – the difference the Speedboard can make….
“I brought this for my lad last September, and we have used it at least three times a week since then. He is very competitive so loved beating his score and time. Absolutely fantastic product and has worked brilliant….he was the only lad in year 3 to complete all levels of the times table challenge this summer term. His confidence as soared and was congratulated in his report for his outstanding times table knowledge. Highly recommend the board, thank you”

Transforming confidence in maths! ……Many thanks to Jacqlyn Drury for giving this feedback today … “My son, Alfie is so pleased with himself , as am I. He wants to get a gold certificate in it before he starts year 3 in September , which is amazing. It’s given him so much confidence in maths that he goes on the school Mathletics website without me asking. So glad I saw this advertised. Had to admit, I was a bit sceptical at first . But the board and Alfie have proved me wrong.”

Big thanks for this feedback from Nicola Snow – Great to hear how the Mathexcellence boards are transforming learners “Hello Andrew
I just wanted to say that my little girl (and myself) have been using the maths board and this has given her the help and enthusiasm she needed for a subject she struggles at. She will now often just sit there with out prompts and go thorugh the board. Where as before this was an effort and caused friction (not fractions!).
Great idea! Will recommend to other families at school.
Many thanks

Teacher Sharon Wertheim, was not impressed when her Mathexcellence times-tables boards first arrived and asked for her money back. I rang her to ask to trial the boards with her pupils – and if still not happy we would send a full refund. Two weeks later, this was her reply….

Hi Andrew
I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the times tables boards.
After my initial, not too sure, concerns – pleased to report that one of my pupils, a year 5 boy, has gone from getting 19 correct to now getting 44 correct! We spend 5 minutes every morning on them. The improvement is amazing – his confidence has increased and he is so proud of himself! I have given him one of the extra boards you kindly sent me and he has started to use this at home most days.
I would just like to thank you for your phone call – it made me think twice about the boards!
Once again…..amazing product…..
Best wishes
Sharon Wertheim

Big thanks to Alex Gorringe at Kumon Maths for her feedback
I bought one a few weeks ago for my students at the Poole Kumon Centre and they queue up to use it when they’ve finished their Kumon work! I’ve already had 4 children join the sub 1 minute 30 second club

Thank you to Lindsey Walker for her feedback – “The board had been invaluable in my house. My 8 year old could only do 44 in 8 mins first time but within 6 weeks she was doing all 88 in around 3 minute. My only advice is stick with it, I got my 2 doing it every morning before school and now they are used to it and never moan. I know many others who have purchased it and o it tried it once or twice. My 6 year old can also do about 60 in 3 mins.

Thanks so much to Jacq Drury for her latest review. Great to hear another Speedboard success story….
“I purchased a speed board for my son in yr 2. He loves competing against his own time . He has completed it every morning for 7 days , started off completing yr 2 both sides , in 11 mins 15 secs . Now achieved bronze certificate time with 6 mins 40 secs. Silver I’m sure will be achieved very soon.
It has also improved my other sons speed on times table and division. Well worth the money , as it’s given both my boys more confidence using maths. Will be telling all my friends about it.

I am delighted to be sharing this with you today. My son was struggling with his times tables. He got the speedboard for xmas and we have done it together (nearly) every day since January. We added a 1 min penalty for every wrong answer so the initial 34 mins was made up of, i think, about 18 mins to complete and the rest was added for wrong answers. As you can see we have gradually got quicker and more accurate, and this weekend be both smashed the 2 min barrier. I am delighted – and so is his teacher! Doing this together gave him motivation – particularly in the beginning when it was taking so long, and we have both improved SO much. Once we can reguarly smash the 2 mins, we’ll move to the other side. But for now, i just wanted to share and say what a great investment this has been for us. Thank you! Steph

Thank you to Esther in York for her great feedback.
“Our board arrived today. My eldest has struggled with her tables. This is a stepping stone for her. We are embedding the learning by taking the same questions and quick firing them at her. She is year 4 but just started the Yr 2 level. She is completely engaged and already timing herself and keeping a record. Nothing else worked but this has got her fired up. My yr2 daughter loves it as well. Should have bought 2!! Thank you so much for making Maths cool in our house!”

Thank you to Esther in York for her great feedback.
“Our board arrived today. My eldest has struggled with her tables. This is a stepping stone for her. We are embedding the learning by taking the same questions and quick firing them at her. She is year 4 but just started the Yr 2 level. She is completely engaged and already timing herself and keeping a record. Nothing else worked but this has got her fired up. My yr2 daughter loves it as well. Should have bought 2!! Thank you so much for making Maths cool in our house!”

Ordered ours on Friday and arrived today!! My 2 boys were eager to use it today. They both completed the board a few times during the day and this evening before bed! That in itself is amazing! But already in just a day, I can tell this board is such a simple, but such an effective idea! I know this board is going to make such a difference, already has in just 1 day! So glad i bought it x Emma

Thankyou Andrew.
I have a friend and ordered a couple last week for her and our other friends.
I think it’s great board and my daughter had great fun at the weekend completing it.
I have recorded her time to show how much quicker she gets over time.
I’m also going to take it into school tomorrow to show my daughter’s teacher as I think it’s valuable to children. Hopefully, they may order them at my daughter’s school once they see how good they are.
I have also shared this on Facebook
Thank you again

Hi Andrew
I would like to thank you as this has transformed my daughter’s learning of her times tables. She can now quick recall her times tables and it is thanks to your speedboard. She had also gained confidence in her times tables and gets excited about doing the board daily to see if she can better her time. Once again thank you
Kind regards

Many thanks to Mrs Sainsbury for some great feedback on the Speedboard
I have spent the last three years trying to teach my dyslexic son his tables and failing. This has worked incredibly well and finally he is starting to know them, and is able to recall them! A simple but incredibly effective method.

Great to be included in the list of best times-tables learning aids on the market – compiled by a leadingPrimary Education website. theschoolrun.com

Big thanks Andrew Alexandra’s maths has massively improved as a result of her times tables. Her confidence has also gone up and she now knows up to her 20 times table. Thanks

Latest feedback from Lisa in Wales. Thanks Lisa!
“Received the board thanks and Joe ( our 9 year old) loves it. He even took it to school today to show his friends. He doesn’t struggle with maths particularly but lacks confidence generally and this is already working really well. The fact that he wants to sit down and fill it in is a particular joy to me as he wouldn’t normally even try his times tables at home.”

November 2015 Took over £1700 worth of Mathexcellence boards, donated by friends and supporters in the UK, to one of the most deprived schools in South Africa. They all loved the boards. Massive thanks to all those who donated!
The trip was a great success, and the MATHexcellence boards went down a treat with the staff and pupils at the two schools they were working with. Lionsraw Charity built an incredible 4 classrooms in under two weeks.
Creative Solutions, who produce the boards for MATHexcellence, printed and donated over 100 custom printed boards to the cause.
Great Blog link –
Some great feedback from Mr Mensah, Steven Davison Primary School, South Africa.
“Thank you a lot for your maths boards. They are helping our learners a lot. Regards to everybody.”

“This has made an amazing difference to Alexandra – she just got this year’s school report. Gone from average to above expectation. Got to know your tables – teachers say it was down to this. Big thanks from the Flint family.”

Latest feedback – Humphrey has been trying to improve his times tables for months. His mum bought him a Speedboard and he doubled the speed and accuracy of his tables in just 1 week. Fastest improvement I’ve ever seen.

“Its amazing – as a result of using a Speedboard, my daughter has improved her times tables more in the last month than in years of using computer learning games and conventional school learning methods. She has just been moved up to the top set.”
Dr F Saunders, Poole, Dorset. (Maggie’s mum)

For any parents trying to get your children to learn their times tables, this is fantastic!! Hayley Avery

Absolutely fab & so effective Karen Legge

Ordered one of your boards this week and really appreciate the enthusiasm and your marketing effort – well done :0) Claire Butteriss

Ordered one of your boards this week and really appreciate the enthusiasm and your marketing effort – well done :0) Claire Butteriss

Parents, teachers, teaching assistants and anyone interested in the education of children, please read this and have a look at the Mathexcellence website… Emma Biddle Bournemouth Primary School deputy headteacher

For anyone responsible for helping children learn their times tables, take a look at this… Andy Perrins

For learning Times Tables this is FANTASTIC… Julie Ford

Great idea to help your kids learn their times tables.. Check it out Ruth Boston

A great new way to learn your tables. Check it out! Karen Corner

These boards are great. Used them for our three who are super speedy with their times-tables! Cally Howarth